Need help with your company registration?

We have a team who will be able to help you register your company fast, efficiently and at an affordable price. We provide a money back guarantee if anything goes wrong in the company registration process.
CIPC specific services

Pty (Ltd) company registration – we register your company at the CIPC on your behalf. Our service saves you time and effort. Note the other services that we provide that can help gear your business for success.

Business plan / business case

We can help you set up a business plan or a business case. This services we can provide is listed below.

  • Market & competitor research
  • Financial and non-financial projections based on the information we get from our research and which you provide
    • We do projections over a number of different scenarios to give a good idea of the potentially different financial outcomes
  • Reporting – setting up a formal business plan document that includes the information in the above two steps
  • Presentations – we can also help you set up a presentation of your business plan. If you are interested we can also get a professional to do the presentation.
Website & design services
  • Website design & setting up custom functionality
  • Email setup (company specific emails, e.g., including setting up signatures
  • Logo & other design (including business cards, pamphlets)
Advertising services
  • Search engine optimisation – we can help ensure that each page of your website uses the correct keywords
    • This service includes ensuring that all major search engines know about your website
    • We can also ensure your business and website is listed on all major business directories
  • Social media campaigns – we can launch Facebook and Twitter campaigns on your behalf in order to help potential customers know about your brand.
  • Google Analytics – we can set up Google Analytics to help you understand how your customers use your website
  • Google Adwords – we can launch advertising campaigns so that customers can find you when they search Google
    • We also provide this service for other major search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.