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Customer satisfaction guarantee

Keeping our customers happy for life

We’re serious about keeping our customers happy. We therefore offer a 100% money back guarantee if you as our customer can proof that we did not offer the service we promised.

Our business specific services include company registrations and creating business plans. We also offer a range of other services that can help businesses succeed. These services include custom logo designs, websites & hosting, advertising and marketing campaigns and search engine optimisation.


Company Registration

– From R895 –


Succeed Online can register a company at CIPC on your behalf. The cost of this service is R895. It will take up to 25 business days to get your company registered after we receive all required documentation and payment.


Business Plans / Business Cases

– From R3,995 –


Succeed Online offers the service of setting up a professional business plan on your behalf. We can do research, build a model to do financial projections, set out the plan or business case in a report and set up a presentation for your business plan / business case. Click on the button below to get a quotation.